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– Do you ship worldwide? How much is the total cost?
Yes, shipping worldwide! Shipping cost is 14 euro worldwide.

– Do you offer a free trial? Satisfied or Refunded?
Yes! Our policy is 15 days “no questions asked” refund policy starting from the day of delivery to make your purchase confidant.

– Do you offer after sales support?
Yes! Feel free to ask any support or question via email, or Facebook\instagram message.
We provide support for adjustment, requests for spare parts (some of these for free), drum module adjustment, any type of question.

– Are Pedaltrigger reproducing dynamics? Weak strokes and also full power strokes as well?
Yes! Pedaltrigger has a wide range of sensivity, as an acoustic instrument.

– Is the pedal movement changes due to Pedaltrigger?
No! Pedaltrigger are very lightweight and the movement is not afflicted.

– Can the triggers play straight through PC without drum module?
Yes, you need to use trigger app, such as Drumagog® or similar and 2 channels audio card.

– What cable should i use?
6,3mm ANGLED mono jack. Angled is better for an easier plugging. We strongly suggest angled.

– Is Pedaltrigger splittable? I have double pedal but sometimes i use it as two singles.
Yes all Pedaltrigger models are splittable!

– I don’t find my pedal in the list. What can i do?
Write an email to , we are glad to find the compatible Pedaltrigger for you.

– Does the pedal need drills or deep changes to install Pedaltrigger?
No, installation is very simple and does not affect your original pedal at all, just fix the screws included and you’re ready to play.

– Is it possible to connect two Pedaltrigger to only one module input? Because i have only 1 free trigger plug.
Yes! With a Y stereo cable if the input in the module supports dual trigger in one plug.

– My Pedaltrigger is old or scratched or broken and i want to refurbish it and upgrade
Send and email to to ask any type of support